Effective July 2, 2020, Daily Menhaden Landing Limit Reduced to 6,000 Pounds

Department of Marine Resources (DMR) was granted approval to participate in the Episodic Event Set Aside (EESA) program to access an available 4.7 million lbs of menhaden quota. Due to the high rate of effort, it was projected that landings on Monday, June 29 exceeded 2.5 million pounds, and continued fishing would result in an overage of the available EESA. To allow for continued participation in the EESA, the daily landing limit will be reduced to 6,000 lbs on open harvest days and carriers are prohibited; Mondays and Thursdays. The Commissioner has determined that it is necessary to take emergency action to reduce the daily landing limit to prevent unusual damage to the menhaden resource by exceeding available quota. The Commissioner hereby adopts this emergency regulation as authorized by 12 M.R.S. 6171(3)(A).

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 2, 2020