FROM NOAA: Don't Forget Your Dealer Permit for Direct Sales! GARFOs Permit Office is available to help

NOTICE TO FEDERAL PERMIT HOLDERS: The Maine Department of Marine Resources is providing the information below from the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) regarding federal dealer permits as a courtesy. For more information, please contact the Permit Office at 978-282-8438 or, or your local Port Agent by phone or email.

If you are shifting to selling your catch directly to consumers, we want to help you get the required federal dealer permit. We continue to staff our phones and respond to emails--our permits office is available to help you with a new dealer permit and/or to renew your vessel permit.

In addition, our new online system for permit applications is available on Fish Online.

Once received by mail or online, permits are processed and then mailed to you when finalized. If you applied for your permit(s) online, you will have the option to print your permit after it has been approved.

Remember, states may have additional permit and reporting requirements. Please consult with your state agency before selling directly to consumers. Even if your state has waived its requirements for direct sales, federal regulations still apply to federal permit holders.

If you are selling directly to consumers, you will need to report your catch on a vessel trip report (paper or electronic) and you will also need to report sales through the federal dealer reporting system. Initial dealer applications are available from your Fish Online dashboard. Our port agents are available to help you with your new dealer reporting requirements.

Questions? Contact the Permit Office at 978-282-8438 or, or your local Port Agent by phone or email.

Media: Contact Allison Ferreira, Regional Office, 978-281-9103