Guidance for Lobster Harvesters Regarding Direct-to-Consumer Sales

Many harvesters are turning to direct-to-consumer sales to help generate some income. Here's some information to help you.

Public health and safety must be maintained at all times:

• If you or any of your workers are exhibiting any signs/symptoms of illness, they should stay at home.

• Maintain six-foot social distancing for workers and members of the public at all times. There aren't any exceptions!

• Ignoring this advice could further the spread of COVID-19 and delay economic recovery

With regard to direct to consumer sale of lobster by harvesters, you can:

• Sell lobsters direct to consumers with your Maine harvester license.

Lobstermen cannot:

• Process lobster and sell the meat at remote locations where you are peddling (parking lot, wharf, etc.) without other licenses

Other important considerations:

Do not under-value your product - Its important to maintain the value consumers have come to expect or it could hurt you in the long run. The Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative has offered advice on this:

If you have any questions, contact Marine Patrol. Contact information is online at