Frequently Asked Questions - 2020 Elver Harvesting Season

The following are questions received by DMR regarding to 2020 Maine Elver Season and answers to those questions:

Q. I am a license holder who is fishing for and selling elvers for another license holder. Whose swipe card do I use when I am selling the elvers?

A. Use your own swipe card to record sales up to your own quota. Use the other license holder's swipe card to record sales up to their quota. You will need to know what their quota is, and ensure that you are not exceeding what they have been allocated. If you were to sell both your quota and the other license holders quota on your card, it will show up as an overage for you.

We realize that this means you will need to keep track of more than one quota, and what sales have been made against that quota. Because DMR is not transferring quota between license holders, this is the ONLY way this can work.

If you need to confirm what remains of your quota, or that of a license holder who has given you permission to fish for them by giving you their license and swipe card, you can ask your local marine patrol officer to get you that information.

Q. I have a crew license. Can I have someone who works for me but doesnt have a license fish for elvers or sell for me?

A. No. Nothing has changed with regard to allowable activities for crew members. The only individuals who can actually fish for you or sell your elvers are other license holders to whom you have given your license and swipe card.

Q. I have caught all of my own quota, but am still fishing for another license holder. Can I keep using the gear associated with my license while I am trying to catch the other license holders quota?

A. Yes. You can keep fishing any of the gear associated with your license, or the license holder for whom you are fishing, until you have reached the total quota associated with those licenses.

Q. If I am not going to fish, and someone else is fishing for me, do I still have to report as a harvester?

A. Yes. The person who is fishing for you will need to give you the information you need to complete your harvester report. This season, you can report using the online LEEDS system as follows:

To create a new Maine LEEDS login, click on this link. You will need to know your name, social security number, date of birth and have a valid email you can check. You will also have to create a password based on the criteria set on the screen. Please remember that your landings number is not your license number and can be found on your swipe card.

After you have created an account, go to this website and enter your landings number and the password you created. To enter data you will click on the "Report Landings" link located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Instructions on how to report can be found here. If you run into any trouble, please contact the Landings Program at 207-633-9500 with any questions.

If you choose to report via LEEDS, there is no need to report using traditional paper logbooks. Within LEEDS you are also able to view any report you have submitted through Maine LEEDS, check your reporting status and/or renew your licenses at any time.