New Publication Helps Oyster Farmers Get Product to Market

For an oyster farm to be a profitable enterprise, farmers need to get the product to market. The options that are available to them - especially new farmers can sometimes be confusing.

To help navigate the challenging regulatory requirements, Maine Sea Grant, Maine DMR, UMaine, and NOAA have published an informative publication titled "Guidance to Maine oyster farmers on selling your product in state."

This sheet (attached to this notice) briefly summarizes some simple ways that holders of a valid Maine Aquaculture License can get their shellfish to market. This sheet does not cover Certified Shellfish Dealer, Seafood Retail, shipping shellfish, or other shellfish licenses, and producers are encouraged to contact their local Marine Patrol Officer for details on those. Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) has an Aquaculture License specifically for harvesting farm raised products.

This license does not apply to wild harvest activities, which fall under other the regulations.

The informative publication outlines several common scenarios under which holders of a Maine Aquaculture License and an aquaculture lease can sell their shellfish, including selling off the farm, selling from home, and selling to a certified shellfish dealer.