Online Renewals are Now Available for 2020 Calendar Year Licenses

Online License Renewals are now available for 2020 calendar year licenses. You may now visit and login, if you have created an account, or create a login and obtain your calendar year licenses through LEEDS.

NOTE: If you owe landings reports for any license you are trying to renew, you will need to submit those landings reports BEFORE you can obtain your license. These can also be done online through LEEDS. *****

Lobster License Holders:
• If you were selected to report landings, please be sure your landings reports have been submitted. If you owe reports, you may submit them online.

• Must have a current Maine registration or boat documentation, and either own the vessel or it is owned by a family member who has a commercial lobster license.

• If you no longer have a federal permit on your license and you renew your license, your tags will show up with an EEZ designation. You need to contact DMR Licensing, if your federal permit has changed, or you no longer have that federal permit.

• If obtaining federal tags (EEZ), your federal permit must be up-to-date, or your tags will be ordered as non-federal tags, and it will be your responsibility to pay for the cost to reorder the appropriate tags. Double check your license to make sure it shows the appropriate tag status of NON or EEZ. (You may call us, and/or upload proof of documentation and permit information at the time you are renewing your license, if it has not been updated on the NOAA website. Your tags are ordered the day after you purchase your license, so DMR licensing needs to be aware so that the tags can be ordered manually.)

• 2019 lobster tags are valid until June 1, 2020. If you plan to use your 2020 tags PRIOR to June 1st, you must submit an affidavit requesting to use the current year tag. Contact Marine Patrol or Licensing for that Affidavit.

• Lobster Tags take a MINIMUM of 4 to 6 weeks, so please plan accordingly.

• Tags are delivered to the address on record in our system. If you list a PO Box, your tags may be delivered to your local post office. The post office does not always notify you that the tags are at that location. If you provide DMR with an email address in our system, you will be sent a tracking number for your tags. Do not wait more than 6 weeks to contact us if you have not received your tags.

• Class 3 license holders are now allowed to have 4 unlicensed crew members PLUS the license holder on board the vessel.

Scallop/Urchin License Holders: This is a reminder that the owner-operator requirement established in law for the scallop and urchin fisheries in 2017 will be fully in effect for the 2020 licensing year. This means that the previous grandfathering provision that allowed an individual to list a vessel that they had used during the 2017 fishing season but that they did not own, and was not owned by a family member, has expired. For the 2020 season, the drag license holder must own the vessel that is identified on their license. There are 2 exceptions to that requirement:

• The license holder listed that vessel on their 2017 license, had landings each year since 2017, the vessel is owned by a family member, AND the vessel has not changed since 2017; or

• The license holder is listing a vessel that is owned by a family member who also holds the same type (scallop or urchin) dragging license. HOWEVER, please be aware that a vessel may only be listed on one urchin license at a time.

If you experience any issues with renewing your license online, please contact us directly so that we may try to resolve the issue (207-624-6550, Option 2). The licensing division will NOT renew any licenses over the phone.

YOU MUST PRINT YOUR LICENSE IF YOU PURCHASED YOUR LICENSE ONLINE. DMR LICENSING DOES NOT PRINT ANY LICENSE THAT IS DONE ONLINE If, however, you need us to print your license, please give us a call and we would be happy to print and mail it out to you.

Paper licenses can also be found at

Best of luck on your upcoming fishing year!