Menhaden Directed State Fishery Re-Opens Monday, July 22, 2019

The menhaden fishery will remain open as the Department resumes the directed State allocated fishery. The re-opening of the directed State harvest is a result of menhaden quota transfers the Commissioner has received from partnering states. DMR has implemented emergency regulation to re-open the State fishery on Monday, July 22, 2019. There will be no disruption to harvesters.

Participation in the directed State menhaden fishery STILL REQUIRES DAILY REPORTING of your fishing activity to It is critical that Maine is able to accurately monitor and report our landings while under a hard quota. Failure to report as required is a violation of regulation and jeopardizes Maine's future access to this resource. DMR will be issuing summonses for failure to report, and suspending licenses as necessary. This could impact your ability to participate in this fishery next season.

Daily reports must include the following elements: Landing date Harvester name License number Landings number Landed catch in lbs Location of offload Weight sold to dealer More than 560 Commercial Pelagic and Anadromous license permits have been issued in 2019 with over 180 of those individuals declared into the fishery during the Episodic Event Set Aside. This week, there were 120 active harvesters reporting landings for menhaden during the EESA fishery. Preliminary landing reports estimate 3.2 million lbs have been landed after four days of open harvest with reports still being tallied.

The Commissioner has acquired several transfers of menhaden quota from partner States; these transfers rectified the overage that occurred during the initial directed fishery and the remaining allotment will allow for the re-opening of the directed State allocated fishery. Approximately 4 million additional lbs are available.

The notice of emergency rulemaking is available on the DMR's website