Here's to this river - a salute to the Kennebec by Commissioner Keliher

Edwards Dam Celebration

DMR Commissioner Patrick Keliher leads a toast during yesterday's 20th anniversary celebration of the removal of Edwards Dam on the Kennebec. At left is the text of Commissioner Keliher's toast.

Here is to second chances.

Here is to that old saying "what goes up must come down."

Here is to all the people who had a vision.

To the Atlantic Salmon that won't give up.

Here is to the river herring who return in numbers that we could only imagine.

To the shortnose sturgeon who jump for what must be joy

And to the Atlantic sturgeon so big your jaw drops when they jump.

Here is to this river - a river who's ability to heal has been nothing but astonishing.

Here's to the Kennebec.