Important Notice Regarding the Waiting Lists for Limited Entry Lobster Zones

The Department of Marine Resources (DMR) is periodically required by law to contact individuals currently on the Limited Entry Zone Lobster License Waiting Lists, to determine if they wish to remain on the waiting list, or if they no longer want a lobster license, and wish to be removed from the waiting list. DMR is now in the process of contacting all individuals who are currently on the lobster license waiting lists for each of the seven Limited Entry Zones (A, B, C, D, E, F and G).

The Department has mailed out a form to each individual on each of the seven apprentice waiting lists, to the most current address they have provided to the Department. Individuals who wish to remain in their current position on the waiting list MUST return the completed form by April 9, 2019. If an individual does not respond within the timeframes provided in the law, the Commissioner is required to remove that person's name from the waiting list.

If you are currently on an apprentice waiting list, please watch your mail for the form, and return it to the Department at your earliest convenience. If you have a friend or family member on a waiting list, please advise them to do the same.

If you did not receive your form or misplaced your form, please download the printable form (below) that can be completed and mailed into the Department (address is on the form) no later than April 9, 2019. For waiting lists and more information about Maine's lobster limited entry and apprentice program, please visit .