Aerial view of Burnt Island with dock and ramp by David Kynor

    Burnt Island, Boothbay Harbor, showing the dock and ramp, by photographer Dave Kynor.

Burnt Island has a New Access Ramp, Thanks to a Grant from the Maine Heritage Fund

The Burnt Island Light Station in Boothbay Harbor, Maine is an exceptional educational and outdoor recreational facility for the people of Maine and the nation. In April 2020, the Maine Department of Marine Resources used funding received by a grant from the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund to install a new access ramp connecting a four-float system to the island.

Since acquisition in 1998, Burnt Island has become a popular destination for boaters and kayakers due to its beauty and proximity to Boothbay Harbor. It has also become a popular attraction for tourists, teachers, and school children who are eager to learn about Maine’s cultural and natural resources. The Burnt Island Lighthouse is a functioning aid-to-navigation; therefore the U.S. Coast Guard also utilizes the docking system and ramp for ingress and egress to maintain the light and fog signal.

The Department of Marine Resources greatly appreciates the support received from the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund. This organization conserves wildlife and open spaces through the sale of instant, scratch lottery tickets, with proceeds from ticket sales awarded twice a year. The Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund has been helping to fund critical wildlife and conservation projects throughout the state since it was created by the Maine Legislature in 1996. Visit to find out more about the lottery ticket that helps fund projects in our state to secure Maine's outdoor heritage for future generations.

Side view of the new Burnt Island ramp     View of the front of the new Burnt Island ramp