The Under-21 Program


Eligible—Under 21 years of age at time of registration
Duration—Three days (16 hours) education. May or may not include additional requirements as detailed below.
Program Fee—$225


Participants will:

  • Receive 16 hours of in-depth education regarding risks and consequences of alcohol and drug use;
  • Complete an evidence-based preliminary assessment designed to screen for risk factors for substance use problems;
  • And, if found to be at risk of substance use-related problems, will be referred to a DEEP- certified community-based service provider for a clinical substance use evaluation to determine whether treatment is indicated.

Treatment Services

If there is evidence of a substance use problem, the individual will be referred to counseling and required to complete the recommended treatment services.

  • All evaluation services must be provided by a DEEP-certified counselor or agency.
  • For a statewide listing of approved providers call: 207-626-8600.
  • Treatment services are determined according to DEEP's regulatory guidelines and the needs of the individual.
  • Individuals receiving services are responsible for payment. Several providers have a sliding fee scale, and many will accept private insurance or MaineCare for treatment services.


Under 21 Program Schedule


To register, call (207) 626-8600
Payment by money order; credit/debit card; or cash, with a $10.00 processing fee for credit or debit card payment.