The "Under 21" Program

Under 21 years of age at the time of the offense and under 21 when they register to take a program.

Individuals under the age of 21 years with an alcohol or drug related motor vehicle offense will attend the Under 21 Program, DEEP's 16-hour education and assessment program for youthful offenders. Participants will receive in-depth education regarding risks and consequences of alcohol and drug use, and will complete a preliminary assessment instrument designed to screen for risk factors for substance abuse problems. Individuals found to be at higher risk will be referred to a DEEP- certified community-based service provider for a clinical substance abuse evaluation to determine if there is evidence of a problem that needs treatment. If there is a substance abuse problem evident, the individual will be referred to counseling and required to complete the prescribed treatment services, which are determined according to DEEP's regulatory guidelines and the needs of the individual.

Under 21 Program Schedule

  • Call 207-626-8600 to register
  • Fee = $225.00
  • Payment by Money Order or Credit or Debit Card only, with a $10.00 processing fee for credit or debit card payment.

Any evaluation or treatment services must be provided by a DEEP-certified counselor or agency that is approved by the Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services. A statewide listing of approved providers is available by calling DEEP at 207-626-8600.

Counselors and agencies certified to provide services are private businesses, and individuals receiving those services must pay for them. Several providers have a sliding fee scale, and many will accept insurance or MaineCare.

The DEEP does not have an online course, all services must be completed in person. Individuals should contact the DEEP Office at (207) 626-8600 to sign up for a DEEP Program.