Substance Abuse Treatment Data System

WITS - A new electronic reporting system for substance use disorder treatment providers to report into. This system will collect all the same information currently collected in TDS plus more. Agencies may use this as their Electronic Health Record on clients. Log in HERE.



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The Treatment Data System was legislatively mandated by the State Legislature in P.L. 1983 c. 464. It is also required by the Federal Government that the Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHS) submit substance use disorder treatment data to them on a monthly basis. TDS is the vehicle used to comply with that reporting. The system also allows the Office to monitor treatment contracted agencies for utilization and effectiveness.

WITS collects admission, program enrollment, units, waitlist and discharge data on clients in substance abuse treatment. It is a secure system requiring a user ID and password to log on. Currently, reporting falls into 4 categories:

  1. SAMHS and/or MaineCare contracted substance use disorder treatment agencies must report all their clients.
  2. All Substance Abuse Treatment providers licensed by the Maine Department of Licensing and Regulatory Services (DLRS) must report all of their clients in TDS. See regulation 14-118 CMR Chapter 5, section 15.1.5.
  3. Methadone agencies must report all their clients.
  4. Private providers, who serve clients involved in the Driver Education and Evaluation Program (DEEP), must report their DEEP clients.

MaineCare (Medicaid) requires that any agency seeking MaineCare reimbursement for substance use disorder treatment must have a contract with SAMHS. These new contracts require that all of the agency's clients be reported to the data system.