Maine Youth Drug and Alcohol Use Survey (MYDAUS)


Since 1993, Maine has been one of several states partnering with the University of Washington for the purpose of developing research-based substance abuse prevention strategies. The Maine Youth Drug and Alcohol Use Survey (MYDAUS) was a product of that collaboration. The purpose of the survey is to quantify the use of alcohol, tobacco and other substances among middle and high school students in Maine, and to identify the risk and protective factors that influence a student's choice of whether or not to engage in these and related harmful behaviors. These influences are found in the different domains of the student's social environment: peer group, family, school, and community. Identification of specific populations in which the risk factors are high and the protective factors are low, permits the targeting of interventions where they are most needed.

Online Reports

*This website has a public area and a secure area. The public area allows access to state, Public Health District and county data. Access to school and school district data requires an individual user ID and password, which have been provided to participating school administrators. We request that anyone needing access codes obtain written permission from the appropriate superintendent before contacting OSA.

Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey (MIYHS) - In 2009, the Maine Youth Drug and Alcohol Use Survey (MYDAUS) was replaced by the Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey (MIYHS).

ATTENTION: 2011 MIYHS local school data results are expected to be available to participating schools by the last week of January, 2012. New 2009 MIYHS data with new weighting that allows comparison between 2009 and 2011 expected at the same time.