Community Epidemiology Surveillance Network (CESN)

Substance Abuse Trends in Maine, 2015- State trends, includes data on alcohol, drugs, tobacco, consumption and consequence patterns, treatment data, as well as data on co-occurring mental health issues.

Fact Sheets on Substance Abuse and Mental Health


Originally organized by the State of Maine Office of Substance Abuse (OSA) within the Department of Health and Human Services and based on a national model from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the Community Epidemiology Surveillance Network (CESN) is a multi-agency work group that studies the spread, growth and development of substance use in Maine and its communities. The CESN aims to provide updated trend reports annually.

The network is a multi-agency work group which studies the spread, growth and development of drug abuse in Maine and its communities. Network members share information they routinely collect. Also, qualitative data is collected from a variety of key informants to particularly identify emerging trends. The CESN meets periodically to review data, make connections, and draw conclusions about drug abuse.

In 2004, OSA received funding from the federal Behavioral Health Administration (OBHA) to perform epidemiological work as part of the Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG). The SPF SIG aims to use public health research and evidence-based prevention programs to build capacity within states and the prevention field.

To better address the need for statewide information about substance use and abuse, the CESN and SPF SIG joined efforts in 2008. Multiple agencies provide data and resources to support these efforts: