Provider Information

  • New! MHRT CODE OF CONDUCT: An Ethical Approach to MHRT Practice
    • In line with a focus on ethics, a MHRT/C Code of Conduct was recommended by the MHRT/C Redesign Advisory Committee over concerns about instances of, or the potential for unprofessional behaviour, and a lack of ethical guidelines and standards for MHRT/Cs. An Ethics Subcommittee convened to lay the foundation for the new Code of Conduct. OBH has decided to apply the Code of Conduct to both MHRT I's and MHRT/C's. Effective July 1, 2019, providers will review annually the Code of Conduct with all MHRT/C and MHRT/1 staff and keep a signed copy on file. Download a copy of the code (PDF)
  • OBH Crisis Mobile Data Site
  • Independent Contractors - Behavioral Health (pdf) : DHHS/DLRS letter Sept. 24 , 2013 describing the responsibility of licensed behavioral health providers of individual and group counseling services in providing clinical supervision/consultation of an independent contractor.

Service Encounter Database

  • Service Encounter Data Batch Submission Guidelines (PDF)
  • MOVEit Directions (PDF)
  • Submitting your data file to the Service Encounter Database (PDF)
  • Service Encounter Reporting: Allowable Activity Numbers and Service Types (PDF)