Substance Abuse Services Commission

The Substance Abuse Services Commission was established via Legislation on June 30, 1993 and consists of 21 members.

To be qualified to serve on the Substance Abuse Services Commission, members must have education, training, experience, knowledge, expertise, and interest in drug abuse prevention and training. Members must reflect experiential diversity and concern for drug abuse prevention and treatment in the State of Maine. Members must have an unselfish and dedicated personal interest demonstrated by active participation in drug abuse programs such as prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, training or research in drug abuse and alcohol abuse.

Mission Statement

The Commission will be a bridge between the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHS), the public, and elected officials, regarding the issues of substance abuse prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery.

Meeting Schedule

The Substance Abuse Services Commission typically meets the second Wednesday of every month at the Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHS). These meetings are open to the public. To obtain current information about meetings and meeting dates, please call (207) 287-2595. See below for Meeting Minutes

Individuals attending the Substance Abuse Services Commission meeting will need to enter through the front lobby and call our main number for someone to let them in for the meeting. Main Office Number: (207) 287-2595 View Security of and Access to DHHS Offices (PDF)

Duties of the Commission

The Commission, in cooperation with the SAMHS, has the following duties:

  1. Advise the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHS): The Commission shall advise the Office of SAMHS in development and implementation of significant policy matters relating to substance abuse (§ 20067(1))
  2. Advise, Consult and Assist: The Commission shall advise, consult and assist the Governor, the Executive and Legislature branches of State Government, and the Judicial Council with activities of State Government related to substance abuse prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery (§ 20067(2))
  3. Serve as Advocate/Review and Evaluate prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery; inform the Public; The Commission shall serve as an advocate on substance abuse prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery and promoting and assisting activities designed to meet the problems of substance abuse at the national and state levels. With the support of the SAMHS, the Commission shall review and evaluate, on a continuing basis, state and federal policies and programs relating to substance abuse and other activities conducted or assisted by state departments or agencies that affect persons who abuse or are dependent on drugs. In cooperation with the SAMHS, the Commission shall keep the public informed by collecting and disseminating information, by conducting or commissioning studies and publishing the results of those studies, by issuing publications and reports and by providing public forums, including conferences and workshops. (§ 20067(3))


2014 SASC Annual Report |PDF|

2013 SASC Annual Report |PDF|

2010 Report Card on Maine Substance Abuse Services (PDF) from the Maine Substance Abuse Services Commission

SASC Substance Abuse Report Card 2008 Word | PDF

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