History - Oral Histories

Oral Histories of People at AMHI

Person telling the story       When they were at AMHI
Bigelow T. Sanborn
Perspectives of Bigelow T. Sanborn Physician and Superintendent at the Maine Insane Asylum 1866 - 1910
Kathy Whitzell Past Director of Nursing
Natasha Mayers Taught art at AMHI from 1974-1981
Anonymous Couple who worked at AMHI
Anonymous Staff Person [At AMHI from 1978 -1981]
Susan Anderson At AMHI for 3 months in 2002
Anonymous 44 years old man at AMHI 3 times
Anonymous 65 year old man at AMHI many times
Anonymous Daughter of a Patient
David Bargmann At AMHI for 6 or 7 years 1988-1995
Kathy Black At AMHI for 7-10 days; 3 times from 1990-94
David Bouthiette At AMHI 3 times
Karen Evans At AMHI in 1963 or 1964
Marilyn Foss At AMHI in 1974, 1985, and during 1990s
Durward "Rocky" Jellison At AMHI 35 times in 18 years
Diana Lewis At AMHI in 1976 or 1977 and one other time
Alex Myhaver At AMHI in 2002
Rebecca Walls At AMHI for 15 days