Duct Art of AMHI

A Walk Down Memory Lane With AMHI Duct Art

If my heart could speak, I'm sure it would say,
"I wish I were someplace else Today."
Among These books, a great amount of Knowledge There must be,
But what good is Knowledge where others carry the keys.

Through the last ten years, many improvements have been made.
But the final words seem to say,
"Don't forget, my good man, you're still a patient here today".
Intelligence, ability and knowledge surely will never last.
Why, all we want to look at, my good man, is your past.
I wish that some of these people who write the books and make the rules,
could spend just a few years walking in our shoes.


An unknown resident painted these words onto a wall of the ductwork beneath the Augusta Mental Health Institute. Along with his work are dozens of paintings and poems authored by the people who resided in AMHI many years ago.

In these works of art, you may see a glimpse into their lives as well as into your own. Enjoy your walk through memory lane.




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