Patients' Interests

  • Authorization to Release Information – this form is to be used if you would like us to share your records or if you want us to obtain records from another facility
  • Patient Grievance Process - a process for capturing and utilizing patient feedback and concerns to enhance the provision of services at Riverview Psychiatric Center
  • Patient Handbook - highlights the various aspects of a patients' stay at the Riverview Psychiatric Center and let them know what treatment and other services are available to them, and how they can expect to be treated
  • Rights of Recipients
    Rights of Recipients - provides a process whereby the Division of Mental Health, as the lead administrative agency for institutional and community mental health services, would develop comprehensive rules in this complex area, taking into account clinical, social and administrative factors while promoting and safeguarding the rights of people receiving mental health services.
  • Visitors' guidelines - guidelines for visitors that are intended to protect patients' privacy rights and safeguard the physical and emotional well-being of all patients, hospital staff and visitors.