Work Group for LDs 400, 1059, 1078 and 1364
Long-term Home and Community-based Services for Adults

The 123rd  Maine Legislature enacted two bills and carried over two regarding long-term home and community-based services for adults. These four bills require that many inter-related tasks be completed and reported to the 124th Maine Legislature by the beginning of 2010.

DHHS has developed a multi-part work plan based on the amount of work to be completed by January and on recommendations by a number of the participants who gathered on August 11, 2009 to learn about the Lean/Continuous Improvement process. The various parts are being pursued simultaneously in order to accomplish the many tasks by the New Year.

Three Work Groups are in the process of being formed to meet the requirements of this legislation. As materials from each of these work groups are generated, the materials will be posted here, enabling all interested parties to track and review the progress of these groups.

In addition, DHHS will carry out a number of budget-related tasks identified in LD 400

  LTC In-Home & Community-Based Service System Improvement Team Materials  
  • LTC In-Home & Community-Based Service System Value Stream Maps, Implementation Plan, and Other Materials:
    • Charter (Word | PDF)
    • Process Overview Matrix (Word | PDF)
    • Current State Map - by functional roles & IT (Word | PDF)
    • Future State Map - by functional roles (Word | PDF)
    • Future State Map - Flowchart (Word | PDF)
    • Improvement Implementation Plan (Excel | PDF)
    • Improvement Project A3 Summary (Word | PDF)
    • CMS  Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Quality Framework (PDF)

  Direct Care Workers Task Force Materials  
  • Participant list: (XLS | PDF)
  • Agenda and Minutes of Meetings
    • 12/14/09 - Agency and Minutes (Word | PDF)
    • 10/26/09 - Agenda and Minutes (Word | PDF)
    • 11/16/09 - Agenda and Minutes (Word | PDF)
    • 11/30/09 - Agenda and Minutes (Word | PDF)
  • The Legend of Shahbaz - Adapted from What Are Old People For? How Elders Will Save the World
    by William H. Thomas, M.D.
  • Affordable Health Insurance for Uninsured Low Income Part-Time and Seasonal Workers - Expanding Dirigo Health (Project Narrative) (PDF)
  • Report of the Direct Care Worker Task Force Submitted to the Maine Department of Health and Human Services - January 2010 (PDF)

  LTC Eligibility Improvement Team Materials   
  • LTC Functional & Financial Eligibility Assessment and Determination Value Stream Maps, Implementation Plan, and Other Materials:
    • Charter (Word | PDF)
    • Current Process Map - Flowchart (Word | PDF)
    • Future Process Map - Flowchart (Word | PDF)
    • Improvement Process Summary A3 Report (Word | PDF)
  • Services for Elders and Other Adults Who Need Long-Term Home- and Community-Based Care. A Report to 124th Maine Legislature by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services about  Four Related Pieces of Legislation (LDs 400, 1059, 1078 and 1364) - January 20, 2010 (Word | PDF)

Study Materials
  1. Mechanics Table (Excel | PDF)
  2. DSW Title Training Crosswalk (Excel | PDF)
  3. Table B - Training Crosswalk Tally Sheet (Word | PDF)
  4. Compare Summary Chart - DSW (Word | PDF)
  5. Compare 2 Summary Chart (Word | PDF)
  6. Compare 2 Training Topics Groupings Patterns (Word | PDF)
    Graph (Word | PDF)
  7. Compage 3 Graph Group 1(Word | PDF)
  8. Compage 3 Graph Group 2 (Word | PDF)
  9. Compage 3 Graph Group 3 (Word | PDF)
  10. Explanation of Handouts (PDF)
  11. Rate-setting Methods in Maine's Long-term Care Programs (Word | PDF)
  12. Programs and DSW Titles Employed (Word | PDF)
  13. Profile of Employment of Direct Service Workers (Word | PDF)
  14. Direct Care/Support Worker Job Titles and Job Functions (Word | PDF)
  15. Employee Count and Median Hourly Wage (Word | PDF)
  16. Maine Direct Service Worker Department of Labor Occupational Employment Data2006/2008 (Word | PDF)
  17. Maines Direct-Care Workforce (PDF)
  18. Montana Highlights: A Model Providing Health Insurance for Direct Care Workers that is linked to Medicaid Reimbursement Rates (Word | PDF)

LD 400 (enacted as PL 2009, chapter 420): An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission To Study Long-term Home-based and Community-based Care

LD 1059 (carried over) Resolve, To Enhance Health Care for Direct Care Workers

LD 1078 (enacted as PL 2009, chapter 279) An Act To Strengthen Sustainable Long-term Supportive Services for Maine Citizens

LD 1364 (carried over) An Act To Stimulate the Economy by Expanding Opportunities for Personal Assistance Workers