Private Non-Medical Institutions (PNMIs) - Comments/Questions

Q. I have a friend that is trying to open a PNMI.  Where would he go to begin?

Here is the contact information your friend needs:

Provider Enrollment and Maintenance
Phone: 1-866-690-5585  (TTY:  711)
Fax: 1-877-314-8776

Provider Services
Phone: 1-866-690-5585  (TTY:  711)
Fax: 1-877-314-8774

Q. (In reference to the DHHS 3/20/2012 Corrective Action Plan)  The long term plan for Appendix C facilities included a reference to reducing NF beds as community options are developed.  Can you tell me how this fits with the proposal to assess the NF eligibility and the conversion of multi-level facilities?  Based on previous discussion, this would seem to indicate the need for more NF beds.  This was listed as a long term development, but does the Department have any information that would indicate that fewer NF beds will be needed in the future?
A. DHHS has no specific plan in place currently to reduce the number of beds. The intent in the CAP was to indicate a general acknowledgement to CMS that in the long term as we work on building community-based options, we should be able to reduce the number of nursing facility beds, as required to reflect Olmstead provisions that services be delivered in least restrictive and homelike settings. Note that there was also mention of a short term need to increase NF beds to reflect changes in eligibility; we do not yet have a specific plan developed in that regard either. We do not have any new information on multi-level settings from CMS.

We will certainly continue to work with our stakeholders as we address the continued needs for our members, including the need for NF beds.
Q. Please post the IMD analysis referenced in the March 8 agenda
A. IMD Analysis (.pdf)
Q. Please identify/post the criteria that you used to choose the workgroup members.
A. Members (.pdf) were selected by DHHS Office Directors, based on the need for a broad cross section of providers, and knowing we could not have every interested party at the table. We also included advocates to be certain the consumer's voice was at the table.  Members have been asked to serve as conduits of information to and from their stakeholders, and all study materials are being posted to the website as they become available.
Q. The information provided under Material on the PNMI Appendix E meeting presents excerpts from the ASAM editions and selective SPA(i) amendments. Can I understand the purpose of the ASAM excerpted materials for the Appendix E group?
A. The Stakeholder Study Materials for each group are posted on every Appendix website just for the convenience of users - they don't necessarily pertain to each site, but are posted at each location for consistency and convenience.
Other States' Data
Q. Has CMS Regional Associate Directors approved from other states SPS (i) amendments?
A. Please go here: (or to the Appendix page for any Appendix on the PNMI page) and scroll down to "Research On Other States" and click on "Survey of Current State Plan Options" to see the information we have at the moment on other states' plans.