Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

EVV FAQ Topics:

Claims Submission

Will EVV take the place of claims submissions?

No, there is no change to the claims submission process.

EVV Applicable Service Codes

Where can I find the specific codes that are required under EVV?

Please see the Service Codes document on the EVV webpage for applicable EVV service codes.

What services require EVV on January 1, 2020?

PCS and HHCS that require in-home visit by a provider through the following sections of the MaineCare Benefits Manual will require EVV on January 1, 2020:

  • 12, Consumer-Directed Attendant Services
  • 19, Home and Community-Based Services for the Elderly and Adults with Disabilities
  • 20, Home and Community-Based Services for Adults with Other Related Conditions
  • 21, Home and Community-Based Benefits for Members with Intellectual Disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • 28, Rehabilitative and Community Support Services for Children with Cognitive Impairments and Functional Limitations
  • 29, Support Services for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities or Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • 43, Hospice Services
  • 96, Private Duty Nursing and Personal Care Services

What services require EVV on January 1, 2023?

Any services that require an in-home visit by a provider through Section 40, Home Health Services, will require EVV On January 1, 2023.

EVV Portal

Where can I access the EVV Portal?

The EVV Portal will be available on January 1, 2019. You will link to the EVV Portal through Health PAS Online Portal after logging into your Trading Partner Account.

What equipment is required to utilize the EVV system?

A laptop or personal computer will be required to access the EVV Portal. A smart device will be required to access the Sandata mobile application. An iPad or tablet is considered a smart device, but a laptop is not considered a smart device. A cell phone or landline phone will be required to access the Sandata Telephonic Visit Verification (TVV) phone line.

Is the data that is collected through the EVV system going to be available for providers to export?

There are a standard set of reports that will be available. If you are utilizing an alternate EVV system, you will be able to view the records within the aggregator system.


Will providers be responsible for locating and correcting errors in their records?

Yes. If there are errors with the visit record captured, exception flags will be identified on the visit record and must be addressed. Some exceptions can be cleared simply by acknowledging them and some exceptions require data corrections. The list of exceptions and the process of identifying and correcting or acknowledging errors will be discussed and reviewed during EVV training. The process for identifying and correcting or acknowledging errors is also outlined in the EVV User Guide, which can be accessed through the EVV portal.


If cellular service is not available at the time of service, how is the GPS data transmitted?

GPS functionality is not dependent upon cellular service and will work even if there is no internet connection.

Is the system tracking me everywhere I go?

No. GPS will only activate at the time of check-in and check-out.

How will GPS inaccuracies or errors be handled?

A half mile "buffer" area is allowed for rural areas and incorrect addresses; otherwise, an exception will be generated if appropriate.

Visit Verification

What if a member is unable or refuses to sign or speak to verify a visit?

This will generate an exception that will need to be addressed through the EVV Portal.

Can providers access the voice and written signatures?

Yes.  If the provider has the appropriate user role assigned in the EVV Portal, the voice recording and signature will be accessible.

Member Communication

How are members receiving communication about this new process?

The MaineCare Member Handbook has been updated with EVV information and will be published in 2019. The Department will also send a letter to all MaineCare members about EVV and what to expect.


Is MaineCare offering any financial assistance for providers to assist with costs of the transition to utilizing an EVV system?

No funding is available for EVV transition costs at this time.

Mobile Visit Verification (MVV): Sandata Mobile Connect Application

Who should I contact about issues with the Sandata Mobile Connect application?

Contact Provider Services at 866-690-5585.

Is there a cost for the Sandata data application?

There is no cost to the provider or caregiver for the use of the State EVV system.

Telephonic Visit Verification (TVV)

What if the provider and member do not have access to a cell phone or landline?

An exception is created and the visit can be confirmed at your home office through the EVV Portal.

What equipment is required to utilize the TVV system?

A cell phone or landline phone will be required to access the Sandata TVV phone line.

Can a provider use their personal phone to call in and out?


Alternate EVV Systems

Who do I contact with questions about integrating my alternate EVV system with the Sandata system?

You may email Provider Services or call 866-690-5585.

Who is Sandata and what is their connection to MaineCare and the EVV requirement?

The State of Maine has contracted with DXC to implement the EVV requirement and DXC has partnered with Sandata to offer an open EVV system for provider use. Sandata is a leading provider of managing and optimizing the delivery of home care services with a successful track record of implementing EVV solutions nationally for over 12 years, with a total of 3,500+ providers and 1.8M recipients supported.

What is the process for initiating EVV system integration?

We are in the process of finalizing the technical specifications for an alternate EVV systems document and the Alternate EVV System Integration Process Guide that will provide information about system specification requirements and will give instructions about how to integrate your EVV system with the Sandata system. We will send an e-message and provide the documents on the EVV webpage when they are complete.

Are there any fees associated with integrating an alternate EVV system and the Sandata system?

There is no integration fee associated; however, if there are changes necessary for your alternate EVV system to be MaineCare compliant, it is the provider's responsibility to bring that system into compliance.

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