Case Mix, Home Health, Private Duty Nursing

Case Mix - Minimum Data Set (MDS) Nursing Facilities

Training Schedules

MDS 3.0 - Nursing Facilities (NF)

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MDS - Residential Care Assessment (RCA)

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MDS-ALS for Adult Family Care Homes


  • MDS 3.0 Training Portal - Training portal located on the Division of Licensing and Certification (DLC) website with current links to the CMS website. 
  • Muskie School of Public Service - Minimum Data Set (MDS) Technical Information for residential care facilities and adult family care homes.
  • Maine MDS Submission Management System - MDS Submission system for MDS-RCA and MDS-ALS or for nursing facilities to access the final State validation reports for MDS 3.0.
  • MDS Help Desk: (207) 624-4019 or toll free 1-844-288-1612 or email - Call the help desk with MDS questions and to inquire or register for MDS training.

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Home Health

  • Home Health Instructions for Notification (.doc) - Updated May 2015
  • Home Health Notification Cover Sheet (.doc) - Updated May 2015
  • Home Health: List of Common Reasons Notifications are Returned (.doc)
  • LOCUS/ Psychotropic Medications form (.pdf)

Private Duty Nursing (PDN)

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