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MaineCare rules have changed, and there are now free and low-cost health coverage options for more people in Maine.

Applying for MaineCare (Medicaid)

MaineCare is available to people who meet the income guidelines and are eligible based on age, family situations, and health care needs.

To apply for MaineCare, you can do one of the following:

  • Go to My Maine Connection to see if you are eligible or to apply online.
  • Print an application by going to the DHHS Office for Family Independence's (OFI) webpage.You can then mail it to: 114 Corn Shop Lane, Farmington, ME 04938.
  • Call 1-855-797-4357; TTY users, dial 711.
  • Visit a local DHHS OFI office. OFI offices are located throughout the state. Each town is assigned to a certain office. To see what office your town is assigned to, go to the Office Finder webpage.

You can also complete your annual review (re-certification) or tell an eligibility worker about changes to your address, income, assets, or when people move in or out of your home by going to My Maine Connection.

Changes in MaineCare Benefits

Electronic Visit Verifification Letter - January 2019

Please see the Archives page for more a history of letters about changes.

MaineCare Resources

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MaineCare Program Information

Accountable Communities Program

An Accountable Community is a group of doctors and other health care providers who work together to give better health care to their patients.

MaineCare scores these providers on quality tests to make sure they are giving good care to members. You can see how your providers score compared to other providers. 

See the MaineCare Accountable Communities Provider List for all the providers who are part of this program.

Behavioral Health Homes Stage B                  

Early, Periodic, Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) Program

The EPSDT program provides preventive care to children with MaineCare who are under 21 years old. Preventative care helps to catch and treat disease or ill health early, when it is easier to treat. The EPSDT program focuses on care for the physical, oral, and mental or behavioral health of the child. This program can pay for medically necessary services or equipment that are not listed in the MaineCare policy if needed to prevent illness or injury to a child.

Health Homes


HealthInfoNet is a private computer system for doctors, hospitals, and other caregivers to share medical information.

  • Choices Flyer - This flyer explains your choices for sharing health information in your health record with your healthcare providers.
  • Opt-out Form - Complete this form if you choose not to share the health information in your record. If you want to share your health information with your healthcare providers, you do not have to do anything.
  • Opt-Out Revoke Form - Complete this form if you choose to share the health information in your record again.

HIV Waiver

Katie Beckett

MaineCare for children who have special needs.

Private Health Insurance Premium (PHIP) Benefit

PHIP is for MaineCare members who also have private health insurance. The program pays for a member's private health insurance premium.

  • PHIP Brochure
  • To apply for PHIP call: 1-800-977-6740, TTY: 711.


For information about Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) to MaineCare covered services, see the Non-Emergency Transportation webpage.

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Contact Us

  • MaineCare Member Services - Call MaineCare Member Services to find out what services are covered by MaineCare or to ask questions about your benefit. You can call: 1-800-977-6740, TTY: 711. You can also e-mail.
  • Pharmacy Help Desk - Contact the Pharmacy Help Desk for questions about prescription drug benefits,medication prior authorizations, mail order options, generic drugs, and Medicare Part D. You can call: 1-866-796-2463, TTY: 711.
  • Eligibility Office - Contact the eligibility office at the Office for Family Independence to apply for MaineCare, or to report name, address, income, and other changes. You can go to My Maine Connection, or call: 1-855-797-4357.

See the MaineCare Member Handbook for more information.

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