Office for Family Independence

OFI Main Telephone Line: 1-(800)-442-6003

List of OFI Services:

Alternative Aid Assistance
Alternative Aid Assistance is a program to assist TANF eligible parents who need short term help to find or maintain employment. Voucher payments equal to up to three months worth of TANF benefits are available to families to help them avoid the need for TANF benefits.
ASPIRE/TANF is a program that helps TANF recipients find employment that will pay enough to make it possible for them to get off welfare.
Food Supplement Employment and Training (FSET) Program
Food Supplement and Training (FSET) is a program that helps Food Supplement recipients find employment and training. For more information contact the FSET Eligibility Specialist at 1-207-624-4186 or submit a question to the FSET Eligibility Specialist
Child Support
Division of Support Enforcement & Recovery (DSER) is responsible for the development and implementation of rules, regulations, policies and procedures necessary to assure that all non-custodial parents are contributing to the economic support of their children. Contact Information: tel. (207) 624-4100 or submit a question to DSER.
Disability Determination Services
Maine Disability Determination Services is comprised of Maine State workers who make disability decisions for the Social Security Administration. Contact Information: tel. 1-(800)-452-8718
Emergency Assistance
Emergency Assistance provides benefits to families with children in in specified emergency situations when the family is threatened by destitution or homelessness.  These situations include fire, other natural disasters, termination of utility service, evictions or lack of adequate shelter.  Payments can only be authorized once annually and must be made directly to the vendor.
Food Supplements
The Food Supplement Program provides benefits that help low-income households buy the food they need for good health.
General Assistance
General Assistance is a program administered through municipalities which purchases basic necessities for individuals who are without means to pay for such services.
Medical Assistance
Medical Assistance, including the MaineCare, Cub Care and Medically Needy programs, provides payment to health care providers. Eligibility is determined by the Office for Family Independence. Bill payment and other activity are done by the Office of MaineCare Services.
Parents as Scholars
Parents as Scholars is a program for parents involved in a two year or four year postsecondary program. It offers a monthly benefit based on guidelines for the TANF program.
Temporary help for children and their parents while the family works toward becoming self-supporting.