Order Review

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If you would like to request an order review, please make your request on the Voice Response System, or to the Case Review Unit by telephone at 1-800-371-7179 (Maine only), or at 207-624-7830 if calling from outside of Maine; by fax at 207-287-2334; via this web site, by e-mail at case.review@maine.gov or by the U.S. Mail at:

Case Review Unit, DSER
11 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333

Requests for order reviews are forwarded by the Case Review Unit to the appropriate field office for evaluation. In order to determine whether present circumstances are such that legal action should be taken at this time to attempt to increase the amount of the child support order, the Division will need to obtain certain financial information about both parents and about certain expenses for the child or children covered by the order.

The Division will notify you of its findings as soon as the review is completed.

Please note that if the present court order or administrative decision is less than three years old, the amount of the child support obligation cannot be increased unless the Court or Administrative Hearing officer finds that the amount of the child support obligation under the Maine Child Support Guidelines is greater or less than the present obligation by more than 15%.

Please note also that although the Division's review may indicate that a legal action to increase your child support order should be started, it cannot guarantee success in the action or even that a decrease will not be ordered. The result will depend on what the Court or Administrative Hearing officer finds the facts to be after hearing both sides.

NOTE: If you are owed child support debt by someone who is exempt from collection because he or she is receiving assistance or SSI, and would like to file a Motion to Modify in Court, follow the instructions contained in FM-087 (first link below) and complete the required court forms:


1. Child support obligation during period that obligor is assisted obligor. For the period during which an obligor is an assisted obligor and for 2 weeks thereafter, the assisted obligor's child support obligation is automatically suspended. At the end of the 2 weeks, the obligor's child support obligation resumes automatically at the same level at which it was suspended unless modified by an order entered pursuant to subsection 3.

A debt previously incurred under section 2301 may not be collected from a responsible parent while that parent is an assisted obligor, except that such a debt may be collected from nonrecurring lump sum income, as defined in Title 22, section 3762, subsection 11, paragraph A, of a responsible parent while that parent is an assisted obligor.

2. Obligee's opportunity for modification. The obligee may seek to modify the effect of subsection 2 by filing a petition for modification with the court or the department, whichever issued the affected order. The court or administrative hearing officer may, by order after hearing, modify the effect of subsection 2. The court or administrative hearing officer, in determining whether to make such a modification, shall consider the suspension in subsection 2 and the child support guidelines under chapter 63. For purposes of the hearing, a substantial change in circumstances is deemed to have occurred.