Maine Child Support: Division of Support Enforcement & Recovery (DSER)


Child Support Lien Network:

Provides a means for Insurance Companies to verify whether or not potential settlement recipients have a support debt. Successful matches result in the immediate issuance of a lien and a subsequent order to withhold against the settlement.

Financial Institution Data Match:

The Division regularly matches records with banks and credit unions both within the State of Maine and out of state. Matches frequently result in seizing of financial assets to be applied to support debts.

License Revocation

This program has been extremely successful in compelling obligors to pay both past due and current support debts. Some of the types of licenses the department has revoked include but are not limited to drivers, professional licenses, hunting, trapping, shellfish etc.

Lottery Offset:

Provides for the immediate offset of lottery winnings for obligors having liquidated debts of $500.00 or greater.

New Hire Reporting:

The New Hire Reporting program requires employers to report newly hired or rehired employees within 7 days. The program provides employers various means of reporting including but not limited to fax, tape, and diskette.

Tax Offset:

To the extent permitted by federal and Maine law, the Division submits non-custodial parents to the IRS and Maine Revenue Services for intercept of any income tax refunds to which they may be entitled.

An intercepted IRS refund must first be applied to child support arrears owed the State for AFDC and TANF. If there are no AFDC or TANF arrears owed the State, then the refund may be applied to arrears owed to the custodial parent.