Maine Child Support: Division of Support Enforcement & Recovery (DSER)

Welcome to the DSER Employer Page

On average, DSER issues over 2,000 Income Withholding Orders (IWOs) to employers each month for child support. As a result of your assistance, over $5.5 million in support is collected by wage withholding each month. Likewise, New Hire reporting is one of the most effective sources to locate responsible parents.

These two business practices – Income Withholding and New Hire reporting – have transformed the child support program nationwide. Today, 75 percent of collections are paid through income withholding, and our current collection rate is at an all-time high of 65 percent. This means that families are more likely than ever to receive regular on-time payments that they can depend upon and budget for.

We could not be where we are today without our essential partnerships with employers. Keeping our employer partnerships robust is a critical part of collecting support for children. Your assistance is crucial in ensuring the financial security of children in Maine and elsewhere. Thank you for your help.

Employer Portal

The New Hire Employer Portal

The portal allows you to report new hires, rehires or terminations. If you have multiple records to report, you may also upload a text file rather than entering them individually.

The registration process is quick and easy. You will receive an acknowledgment email with a PIN so you may begin using it immediately.

The portal address is: