Maine Child Support: Division of Support Enforcement & Recovery (DSER)

Employers Page - New Hire File Layouts

Record Definitions

Field Definitions


Field Definitions:

1.   Employer - Record  
  A. Emplyer - Record - Type Record identifier '1'
  B. Employer - DOL - Number Employer's Maine Department of Labor Identification Number
  C. Employer - Fed ID - (FEIN)Number Employer's federal (without the '-') Identification Number (or spaced)
  D. Employer - Name Employer's Name
  E. Employer - Address Employer's Street Address or Post Office Box
  F. Employer - City Employer's City
  G. Employer - State Employer's State
  H. Employer - Zip Employer's Zip Code
  I. Employer - Phone Employer's Phone Number
2.   Employee - Record  
  A. Employee - Record - Type Record identifier '2'
  B. Employee - DOL - Number Maine DOL Number or Federal Identification Number
  C. Employee - SSN - Number Employee's SSN (no dashes)
  D. Employee - Last - Name Employee's Last Name
  E. Employee - First - Name Employee's First Name
  F. Employee - Middle - Initial Employee's Middle Initial
  G. Employee - Address - Type Address Type M -  Mailing, R - Residence
  H. Employee - Address Employee's Street Address or Post Office Box
  I. Employee - City Employee's City
  J. Employee - State Employee's State
  K. Employee - Zip Employee's Zip Code
  L. Employee - Home - Phone Employee's Home Phone
  M. Employee - Work - Phone Employee's Work Phone
  N. Employee - Birth - Date Employee's Date of Birth in MM/DD/CC/YY format
  O. Employee - Insurance Insurance Available for Employee (Y/N)
  P. Employee - Ins. - Amount Cost for Employee Insurance
  Q. Employee - Ins. - Avail - Dep Insurance Available for Dependent(s) (Y/N)
  R. Employee - Ins. Avail - Dep - Cov Dependent(s) Covered by Insurance (Y/N)
  S. Employee - Action - Type Type of Action Date N - New Hire, R - Re Hire, T - Termination
  T. Employee - Action - Date Employee's Action Date in MM/DD/CC/YY format
  U. Employee - Occupation Employee's Occupation
  V. Employee - Wage - Amt Employee's Pay Type, H - Hourly, S - Salaried
  W. Employee - Wage- Amt Employee's Wages
Hourly=Hourly Wage
Salaried=Gross Wage per Pay Period
  X. Employee - Wage - Freq Employee's Pay Period W - Weekly, B - Bi Weekly, T - Twice Monthly, M - Monthly