Care for Me

Your child deserves safe care, and that is why Maine has developed Care for Me!

Care for Me is a valuable resource for parents. It is a listing of in-home license-exempt caregivers who have passed a background check. Care for Me understands that children are a parent's most prized possession. That is why Care for Me was created, to help parents find safe care for their children when they must be away from home.

Background checks are thorough. Parents can feel secure that a Care for Me caregiver has a safe driving record, no substantiated allegations of child abuse or neglect and no history of Maine criminal convictions. These checks are completed by the following agencies:

  • Maine Department of Health and Human Services
  • Child Protective Services
  • Maine Division of Motor Vehicles
  • Maine State Bureau of Identification

To find out if a caregiver is listed with Care for Me, contact the Care for Me program and simply let them know the person's full name and address.

Care for Me
337 Maine Avenue
Farmingdale, Maine 04344
Telephone: (207) 582-3110
Toll Free:1-800-525-2229
FAX: (207) 582-3115

If your current caregiver is not listed with Care for Me, call them to learn how s/he can apply.