Parent Rights and Responsibilities

**Please note that "parent" refers to anyone that is a child's legal guardian

As a parent, it is important to stay involved with your child's program. Work out clear arrangements to avoid future misunderstandings, such as payment amounts and due dates, pick-up times, meals, and what happens if your child is sick or the facility has to close. If you have questions or concerns about the care your child is receiving, you should first talk with your provider.

If you are unsure about specific concerns, refer to the Steps to Choosing Child Care (Adobe PDF*)(*free viewer) guidelines and check-lists to find where specific problems may be.

As a parent, you have the right to visit your child and to observe the program at any time that your child is present. Your child care provider should regularly exchange information with you about your child. You should always be advised and be required to give written permission before your child is taken on a field trip. You should be able to reach the child care facility by telephone at all times that your child is present.

As a parent, you should be aware of the licensing rules that govern the child care setting you have chosen. If you would like a copy of the rules, call (207) 287-9300 to request a copy. Fill out a request form or view them online.

If you feel that your issues or concerns have not been addressed appropriately, you may call the Office of Child Care Licensing at 207-287-9300 (TTY: Maine relay 711 to speak with the licensor for the program in question regarding regulations and whether you wish to file a complaint.

If at anytime you feel that your child may at risk at their child care program, you should contact our Office immediately.

To report abuse/neglect by a day care provider,
call 1-800-452-1999.  This is a 24 hour hotline.
TTY: 1-800-963-9490