Health and Safety

There are many concerns regarding Health and Safety and child care and luckily there are also many resources childcare providers can access about those topics. Below is a listing of some resources and organizations that may be able to offer assistance around Health and Safety issues.

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The goals of the Healthy Child Care America Campaign are to provide:

  • Safe, healthy child care environments for all children, including those with special health needs
  • Up-to-date and easily accessibly immunizations for children in child care
  • Access to quality health, dental, and developmental screening and comprehensive follow-up for children in child care
  • Health and mental health consultation, support, and education for all families, children and child care providers
  • Health, nutrition and safety education for children in child care, their families, and child care providers.

Healthy Child Care Maine

  • National goals are also strived for at the state level through an annual conference, a consultant, and other projects.

Emergancy Response Planning in Child Care

Health and Safety Training is required for Child Care Subsidy Program (CCSP) providers. For more information contact Maine Roads to Quality or visit their webpage at