Child Care Advisory Council


The purpose of the Maine Child Care Advisory Council is to encourage the development of child care policies that are coordinated among state agencies to promote quality, uniformity and efficiency of service.


  1. Advise the department and the Legislature regarding the coordination of child care services in the State;
  2. Advise the department regarding the preparation of any application, amendment, waiver request, plan or other document submitted  by the department to the Federal Government regarding child care funding and recommend changes to the submission when appropriate;
  3. Establish a subcommittee that includes licensing officials, public health and safety representatives, early childhood educators and others considered necessary by the council to review the current system of licensing and registration and recommend a uniform regulatory system for family day-care homes. In its first annual report, the council shall submit its recommendations, along with implementing legislation, if needed, to the joint standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over human resource matters;
  4. Examine the role and funding of resource development centers and submit recommendations regarding the number and role of the centers in the State. These recommendations must be made in the council's first or 2nd annual report;
  5. Advise how the State can better use child care funds available under the federal Social Security Act and develop a proposal to use federal and state funds to supplement the earned income disregard for families receiving temporary assistance for needy families;
  6. Explore ways in which child care services may be better integrated into a system of comprehensive services for children and families; and
  7. Examine any other relevant child care issues and make recommendations as needed. The council may establish ad hoc  subcommittees as needed.


CCAC meetings are held on the 1st Friday of every month, from 9:00-12, at The MECEP office, One Weston Court Suite 3, Augusta, ME 04333
*CCAC meetings are open to the public


The council has a minimum of 28 members


  • Report to 127th Legislature (2016) (PDF)
  • Report to 127th Legislature (2015) (PDF)
  • Report to 126th Legislature-(PDF)


Title 22, §3739: Child Care Advisory Council

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