National Youth In Transition Database (NYTD)


NYTD is a data reporting requirement of the Chafee Independent Living Program. This program provides states with federal funds to support youth in gaining life skills to successfully transition from foster care to adulthood.


All States will undergo a federal review of their NYTD system and youth transition services. Maine's is scheduled for June 19-22, 2018. The NYTD Review is designed to ensure states have sufficient data collection and reporting sys- tems, that data collected is correct and complete, and that youth are receiving the right services and supports to meet their transition needs. The Children's Bureau will partner with the State Team to complete the NYTD Review. It will be a combination of reviewing Maine's information system, case files, policies and procedures, youth transition tools, administration of youth surveys, and key stakeholder feedback, including from youth.


Youth Outcomes, reported by youth through the
NYTD SURVEY at age 17, 19 and 21, regarding:

  • financial self-sufficiency
  • experience with homelessness educational attainment
  • positive adult connections high-risk behavior
  • access to health insurance


Attend meetings and court hearings. Voice your opinions about what you want and need. Be involved in decisions being made. Meet with your Caseworker. Work with pro- viders and your caregivers to learn the skills you will need as an adult. And, please make sure OCFS has your contact information.

Please take the NYTD Survey. By participating in this voluntary survey, youth in care will help improve the State and the National foster care system.

We need your voice to make a difference!

Independent Living Services to be provided to all
youth in foster care, ages 14 -21:

  • independent living needs assessment
  • academic support
  • post-secondary educational support career preparation
  • employment programs or vocational training housing education and home management training budget and financial management
  • health education and risk prevention
  • family support and healthy marriage education mentoring
  • supervised independent living
  • room and board financial assistance education financial assistance

Independent Living Services are those services pro- vided or paid for by the Department. These include: contracted services, meaningful conversations, and day-to-day teachings provided by OCFS caseworkers, youth transition workers, foster parents, con- tracted agency providers, and other various provid- ers contracted by the Department.

For more information, please contact:
Dulcey Laberge,
Youth Transition Team Leader, Office of Child and Family Services
(207) 624-7928