Child Welfare

Foster and Adoptive Parenting

child on swingFoster and adoptive parents are an invaluable resource for Maine's children and communities - and Maine needs more of them. We are a large state, and in some regions the number of family foster homes is shrinking. Maine Child and Family Services believes that developing talented, caring foster and adoptive homes - in all Maine communities - is essential to enhance our care for children. 

If you're a current foster parent, we urge you to take advantage of valuable support provided by Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine External site disclaimer.

Other Resources

How to become a resource parent - Resource families (includes kinship and permanency guardianship families) provide a safe setting for children through foster care and adoption. Foster families are able to care for children while maintaining their contact with their birth family and working toward reunification. If reunification is unsuccessful, another permanent goal is explored, the most desirable of which is adoption.

Maine's Waiting Children External site disclaimer - Browse or search a photolisting of the children in the care of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services awaiting adoption.