Children's Behavioral Health

Case Management Services

Case management consists of several services, an intake and assessment for eligibility, an Individual Service Plan (ISP) detailing the strengths and needs of the child and the services necessary to address these needs. The case manager will work with the family to assist with the coordination and advocacy of services for the child.



Who is Eligible?
Eligibility for the case management services for children birth – 5 is determined by evidence of developmental delays or risk of delays. A specific diagnosis of Intellectual Disability, (Full Scale IQ below 70), or a Mental Health diagnosis, is requires for school-age children (6-20).
How is it paid for?
This is a service paid for by MaineCare (if you are MaineCare eligible).
Who provides Case Management services?
Case management services for children are available through the agencies listed on the attached sheets. Separated by areas they cover and the service they provide.
How do I access Case Management Services?
In order to access these services, a direct call to an agency may be made by the parent or guardian or a service provider, with the parent’s permission. The intake person for case management should be able to tell the family if their child is eligible and when their child could start receiving case management services. Families have a choice of case management agencies and can make a referral to more than one agency.
What if I have Questions?
If there are question concerning any aspect of the case management system, or you have trouble accessing services. District Contacts