EIS New Provider Request Access Form

Complete this form to become a new Children's Behavioral Health Services provider

If you are trying to access EIS as a user this is done electronically click here for Instructions
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Confidentiality Statement: By checking this box, you agree that to the extent that the Provider seeks to use, access, maintain, or disclose information in the EIS system that actually or reasonably could identify an individual or consumer receiving benefits or services from or through the Department ("Protected Information"), the Provider agrees to a) maintain the confidentiality and security of such Protected Information as required by applicable state and federal laws, rules, regulations and Department policy, b) contact the Department within 24 hours of a privacy or security incident that actually or potentially could be a breach of Protected Information and c) cooperate with the Department in its investigation and any required reporting and notification of individuals regarding such incident involving Protected Information. To the extent that a breach of Protected Information is caused by the Provider or one of its subcontractors or agents, the Provider agrees to pay the cost of notification, as well as any financial costs and/or penalties incurred by the Department as a result of such breach.