Children's Behavioral Health

Respite Care Services


NAMI Maine Family Respite exists to assist families by enabling a much needed break in the responsibility of caring for a child with significant developmental delays, and behavioral or emotional disorders.

NAMI Maine Family Respite Certified  Providers are available to care for children with special needs in their communities so that their parents can get a break. Learn how to provide short-term relief for families of children with special needs.  Earn extra income as you provide this valuable service.  Get Certified Today!

NAMI Maine Family Respite is a statewide program, funded by the Department of Health and Human Services. This service is provided under contract with NAMI Maine.

To contact the NAMI Maine Family Respite program, email us at or call (207) 622-5767

Respite Care CBH Contact Information: 
Jessica Wood
Office:  561-4102