About Us - Child and Family Services

Todd A. Landry, Director, Office of Child and Family Services

John. Feeney, Chief Operating Officer

Robert Blanchard, Associate Director, Technology & Support

Bobbi Johnson, Associate Director, Child Welfare Services

Elissa Wynne, Associate Director, Children's Development & Behavioral Health


Child and Family Services is able to receive reports of child abuse or neglect 24 hours a day,7 days a week. We review these reports on behalf of Maine communities, working to keep children safe and to guide families in creating safe homes for children. 

Many of the families need voluntary, community-based services to develop a safe and more stable home. But there also certain families who require court intervention, either to order specific action to make a situation safe or because the children cannot live where they are without danger of serious harm. When those circumstances arise, our child protective and children's services professionals find a setting for care - places that help a child who has experienced abuse or neglect and that become the child's bridge to a safe, permanent home.

Maine communities are the essential link for these children. Skilled foster families and other professional resources from Eliot to Fort Kent offer their patience and care. Child and Family Services guides the effort. Our professional staff works to safely reunify families when possible, to explore options for care with extended family (kinship care), and to evaluate foster and adoptive homes. In our work, Child and Family Services seeks safety, well-being and permanent homes for children, working with professionalism and respecting the dignity of all families.