Frequently Asked Questions - Independent Housing with Services

How do I apply for services?

How is my co-payment calculated?

Consumers will pay 20% of the cost of services under this program, except when they are granted a waiver. The IHSP provider may require the consumer and his or her spouse to produce documentation of income and liquid assets. A consumer need not complete a financial assessment if he or she pays the full cost of services received. His or her payments, as determined by an annual financial assessment may not exceed the total cost of services provided.

What if I can't afford the services? Can I apply for a waiver?

  • Consumers may apply for a waiver of all or part of the assessed payment when:
    • Monthly income of household members is no more than 200% of the federal poverty level; and
    • Household assets are no more than $15,000.

Consumers requesting waivers may be asked to provide verification of any income, liquid assets and expenses for housing, transportation, unreimbursed medical expenses, food, clothing, laundry and insurance. Consumers may request a waiver for all or part of the assessed payment (the Office of Elder Services Policy Manual, Sections 63.11 D, 63.12).