Affordable Assisted Living Services (ALFs)

There are currently seven state-funded, affordable Assisted Living Facilities. They were developed on the premise that the consumer would have their own apartment with the option of having services provided.

These facilities allow an individual to live independently in their own apartment and receive such services as meals, homemaking, personal care, and/or medication administration.

The consumer’s rent is paid directly to the property owner; and services (meals, personal care, medication administration, homemaker services, plus an emergency response system) are provided by the service provider.

A resident of the facility may require all or some of these services. The residents are charged a co-pay and cost share by the service provider based on their income and expense.

In order to be eligible for Assisted Living Services, consumers must meet both financial and functional eligibility criteria. Maine's Assessing Agency determines functional eligibility. List of facilities (Word)

For more information on how to apply for Affordable Assisted Living Services, please visit our How do I Apply and FAQ Sections.