How Do I Apply - Affordable Assisted Living Facility Services

The Affordable Assisted Living Program is designed for individuals or couples with fixed incomes. Because the facilities are licensed facilities, all residents are required to meet health as well as financial requirements to be accepted into the program. A resident must have a limited annual income in order to qualify. An application that asks for financial information will need to be completed to determine yearly income and eligibility.

Before the functional assessment is done, you must contact one of the facilities and complete an application. Once that is completed you will have the eligibility assessment (as described below) done.

The State of Maine requires both a financial and functional assessment to determine an individual’s eligibility Assisted Living Services. Assessments help individuals and families understand what services are available to them and to plan for service needs. Financial assessments are completed by the Department. Functional assessments are completed by Maine's Assessing Services Agency. The Medical Eligibility Determination Form (MED) is the tool approved by DHHS to determine functional program eligibility for this service. Below are the steps necessary to apply for services.

Step 1. Apply for MaineCare Services. You can access the Long Term Care application at:

Step 2. If you have not already had a functional assessment by Maine's Assessing Services Agency at 1-833-525-5784 (fax 844-356-7500), you will be asked several questions about the help a person is looking for and what the financial circumstances are for this person. Maine's Assessing Services Agency then decides whether or not a face to face assessment will be done. There is no charge, and the assessment is private. If Maine's Assessing Services Agency determines that a face-to-face assessment is needed, you will be contacted by an assessor to schedule the assessment.

If you proceed to a face-to face assessment, please not that this may be done in your home, in the hospital or nursing home by a Registered Nurse. The nurse uses a laptop computer to collect the information to complete the assessment. The nurse will ask about the kinds of tasks you can do by yourself, what kinds of medications you take, what kinds of help you need, whether you have friends and family members or neighbors who can help you, what your income is, and other questions. You may request that a family member or other person be present at the assessment.

For additional information, please visit our FAQ Section.