Domestic Violence

Abuse thrives on silence and isolation ….. it's not always physical but it's always about control.

  • Some family members and caretakers use emotional, psychological, financial or physical pressure to get what they want.
  • Some have problems with drugs, alcohol and emotional instability and can be financially dependent on those they are harming.
  • Abuse by an intimate partner can also be a pattern of hurtful behavior that has continued over the course of many years.

Older people who are experiencing hurtful behavior are often afraid or ashamed to ask for help. It's very difficult to acknowledge that your son, daughter or spouse is the one hurting you.

For more information call Adult Protective Services at 1-800-624-8404 or e-mail the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence at

For a list of hotline numbers in Maine:

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Used with the permission of Family Crisis Services