Aroostook - District 8 Public Health Unit


The Aroostook District Public Health Unit is located at the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Offices at 30 Skyway Drive in Caribou; 138 Market Street in Fort Kent; and, 11 High Street in Houlton. To report an infectious disease, public health emergency consultation, or Health Inspection complaint please email to: or call 1-800-821-5821.

District Town Program Referral/Reporting # Staff

Public Health

Maine DHHS
30 Skyway Drive
Unit 100
Caribou, Maine 04736

139 Market Street
Suite 109
Fort Kent, Maine

11 High Street
Houlton, Maine 04730
Public Health Nursing 1-888-644-1130 Tammy Hatch (Supervisor)
(Tel.) 207-493-4188

Beverly Wardwell
Jenny McPherson
Jessica Damboise
Tammy Farwell
Health Inspections 1-800-821-5821 Karen Jacobs (Tel) 207-592-7459



Craig Rothfuss

Drinking Water Larry Girvan
(Tel.) 207-788-3610 (Office)
(Tel.) 207-592-7386

District Public Health Liaison

1-800-821-5821 Stacy Boucher
(Tel.) 207-493-4087 (Office)

For more information contact Stacy Boucher (207) 493-4087 or