Central - District 5 Public Health Unit


The Central District Public Health Unit is located at the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Offices at 286 Water Street and 35 Anthony Avenue in Augusta, Maine. To report an infectious disease, public health emergency consultation, or Health Inspection complaint please email to: disease.reporting@maine.gov, or call 1-800-821-5821.

District Town Program Referral/Reporting# Staff


Maine DHHS
286 Water Street
35 Anthony Avenue
Augusta, Maine

Public Health Nursing 1-800-821-5821

Kate Downing (Director)
Erin Small (Educator)
Melissa Thornton (Patient Navigator)
Kellie Cameron (Referral Specialist)
Kylie Schramm (Program Assistant)

Rachel Miville (Consultant)/ 207-287-6561
Jessica Carrier
Lisa Fitzgerald
Mary Healey
Nicole Dotson
Nicolle Godbout
Vicky Gerstenberger
Karen Ringer
Dustin Young

Health Inspections 1-800-821-5821 Dennis Hedegard (Tel.) 207-592-5468
Epidemiology 1-800-821-5821 Donna Guppy
(Tel.) 207-624-5328 (Office)
(Tel.) 207-592-1795 (Cell)
Drinking Water Haig Brochu (Tel.) 207-592-0954
Denise Douin (Tel.) 207-592-2165
Scott Whitney (Tel.) 207-592-0578
District Public Health Liaison 1-800-821-5821 Paula Thomson / 287-2613, 592-3516

For more information contact Paula Thomson (207) 287-2613 or paula.thomson@maine.gov