Midcoast - District 4 Public Health Unit


The Midcoast District Public Health Unit is located at the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office at 91 Camden Street in Rockland, Maine. To report an infectious disease, public health emergency consultation, or Health Inspection complaint please email to: disease.reporting@maine.gov or call 1-800-821-5821.

District Town Program Referral/Reporting # Staff

Public Health

Maine DHHS
Suite 103
91 Camden Street
Rockland ME 04849

Public Health Nursing


Josie Ellis (Consultant)
(Tel.) 207-561-4107
Brooke Payne
Melissa Scholz
Health Inspection 1-800-821-5821

Dean Jackson (Tel.) 207-592-8520



Megan Kelley

Drinking Water

Haig Brochu (Tel.) 207-287-2070

Midcoast Public Health Council Coordinator

Julie Daigle (Tel.) 207-596-4270

District Public Health Liaison

1-800-821-5821 Drexell White
Tel. 207-596-4278 (Office)

For more information contact, Drexell White at 207-596-4278 or drexell.r.white@maine.gov