Maine CDC Press Release

July 14, 2015

Winners of Lyme Disease Awareness Contests Announced by Maine CDC

AUGUSTA – The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Lyme Disease Awareness Month contest.

During May, Maine CDC held its sixth annual poster contest in conjunction with Maine schools, grades Kindergarten through 8, to highlight student’s artistic talents as well as to encourage learning about Lyme disease prevention strategies. Students were asked to create posters with the theme "Inspect and Protect," with emphasis on the prompt recognition and removal of ticks.

All posters received were displayed in the Maine CDC Offices in Augusta and rated by Maine CDC employees. Each winner received a Maine State Parks Family Day Pass and a certificate of recognition. Tick removal kits were also distributed to the winners and their classmates.

The contest winners are:

  • Carter Galley, Grade 3, Owls Head Central School
  • Phoebe Ackor, Grade 5, Owls Head Central School
  • Colby Emery, Grade 6, Winthrop Middle School

Along with the contest, the Maine CDC released curriculum to be used for grades 3-5 that educates about ticks, mosquitoes, and related diseases.

"It's exciting to see all the new tools and resources that have been developed to help educate children on how to prevent Lyme disease and other tickborne diseases," said Maine CDC Director and Chief Operating Officer Kenneth Albert. "We appreciate the efforts of teachers to help spread the 'No Ticks 4 ME' prevention message, and the artistic talents of the students. It is very difficult to choose a contest winner."

Along with the education in schools, the Maine CDC continues to be active in informing the public about Lyme disease prevention. A webinar on tickbborne diseases, contributions to numerous newsletters, and the sharing of information at community events were all a part of CDC's effort to educate during Lyme disease awareness month. The CDC has also produced short videos on tick identification and personal repellents and has released 2014 Lyme disease data on the Maine Tracking Network.

For more information on Lyme disease, or to view the 2015 winning posters, please go to:

To view Maine CDC's videos, go to:

Teachers making plans for next year who are interested in adding Lyme education to their lesson plans can find CDC's curriculum at: