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Maine Department of Labor (MDOL)

MDOL Bureau of Labor Standards (BLS)

MDOL BLS Wage and Hour Division

MDOL SafetyWorks!

MDOL Substance Abuse Testing Report

Maine District Office of the U.S. Small Business Administration

Maine Small Business Development Centers

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Maine Department of Public Safety (MDPS)

MDPS Bureau of Highway Safety

Maine U.S. DOT Substance Abuse Professionals (S.A.P.s)


SAMHSA Workplace Programs Division of Workplace Programs

SAMHSA GetFit Website for Employees

US Department of Transportation

USDOT Office of Drug Alcohol Policy and Compliance

Ensuring Solutions to Alcohol Problems


CISDOC Database of the International Labor Organization contains about 70,000 citations of documents that deal with occupational accidents and diseases as well as ways of preventing them. The types of documents are: laws and regulations, chemical safety data sheets, training material, articles from periodical publications, books and standards. Every record contains a detailed bibliographic description, a full abstract and indexing descriptors drawn from the CIS Thesaurus. The CISDOC database is updated on a continuous basis.


Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association

Employee Assistance Professionals Association