Workplace Laws

The Maine State Laws (statutes) may be searched online at the Office of the Revisor of Statutes website.

Maine statutes pertaining to Employment Practices and Substance Abuse Testing are found in:

Title 26: Labor and Industry, Chapter 27: Employement Practices, Subchapter 3A: Substance Abuse Testing

Maine Department of Labor For assistance in policy development and the substance abuse testing statutes, contact: or 623-7926.

Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Licensing and Certification - Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) is responsible for overseeing EAP licensing/certification. This website provides information and forms for the EAP licensing/certification application process; regulations for EAPs for employers operationg in Maine; information about alcohol and drug testing in the workplace; and guidelines for annual evaluation of EAPs.

Maine Department of Public Safety The Department of Public Safety serves the people by protecting their lives, rights, and properties. This is accomplished through criminal justice, law enforcement, fire safety, and emergency response services.

The Bureau of Highway Safety website has information about Maine's OUI, Liquor and Liability, Drug Laws and much more.

US Department of Transportation

The USDOT Office of Drug Alcohol Policy and Compliance was established to develop policy, provide guidance and offer consultation on drug and alcohol issues within the transportation industry to the Secretary, DOT's Operating Administrations, the transportation industry, and other Federal Executive Agencies. This website has information on Federal Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations, Q&A, and links to Federal and Industry resources.