Maine Genetics Program

The Maine Genetics Program (MGP) is a statewide program that provides grants to agencies to assure the availability of comprehensive genetic services for the citizens of Maine.

Services include:

  • risk assessment
  • laboratory and clinical diagnosis
  • counseling
  • case management and referrals
  • education and training to providers and consumers. 

The MGP also coordinates the Newborn Bloodspot and Newborn Hearing Screening Programs. 

The Newborn Bloodspot Screening Program screens all newborns for 28 mandatory conditions, which if left untreated, would cause mental retardation, other serious health problems or death. 

The Newborn Hearing Screening Program tests all newborns for possible hearing loss. 

Both the Newborn Bloodspot Screening Program and the Newborn Hearing Screening Program make referrals for treatment and comprehensive follow-up care.

Contact Ellie Mulcahyfor more information.

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